De-occulting Israel

The star of David is on the flag of Israel. The six pointed star is a symbol of saturn. 6 points, 6 triangles, and a 6 sided hexagon = 666. Saturn is associated with evil in various occult dictionaries. Saturn = Satan. Looking at the magic square of Saturn all the numbers in a row horizontally or vertically add up to 15. According to the rules of numerology all numbers have to be reduced to a single digit. 1+5=6. 3 rows makes 666. Israel is the Phoenician and Chaldean name for Saturn. The Knesset is the name of the parliament building in Israel. Knesset=93 (english ordinal) 21 (Pythagorean numerology). See my article on engish gematria. Saturn=93 (english ordinal) 21 (pythagorean numerology).

One response to “De-occulting Israel”

  1. […] Zionism is essentially a creation of the Jewish Rothschilds. Jewish=666 x 9 cipher. 6 x 3=18 1+8=9. The flag of Israel has the Star of David which is NOT a Jewish symbol. The Jewish writer, O.J. Graham, in his work, The Six Pointed Star, says: “…the six pointed star made its way from Egyptian Pagan rituals of worship, to the goddess Ashteroth and Moloch… then it progressed through the magic arts, witchcraft, (including Arab magicians, Druids and Satanists)… through the Cabala to Isaac Luria, a Cabalist in the 16th century, to Mayer Amschel Bauer, who changed his name to this symbol, to Zionism, to the Knesset (parliament) of the new State of Israel, to the flag of Israel, and its medical organization, equivalent to the Red Cross.” Vide my article “Israel is the headquarters of the New World Order.” […]


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