Anthropogenesis: Humanity’s Reptilian Origins.

The story of human evolution we are taught in school is patently false. Schools and Universities are centres of indoctrination.

Indubitably reptilians genetically engineered the first Homo Sapien Sapiens, the modern human, our anthropogenesis. Anthropogenesis is defined as the genesis or development of the human race, especially as a subject of scientific study. Reptilians are extraterrestrials that are reptilian in nature.

Before dismissing this seemingly ludicrous assertion with incredulity I implore you to take a look at the evidence that I will present.

Do Extraterrestrials Exist?

The researcher David Icke says, “If you doubt the existence of extraterrestrial life then consider this for a moment. Our Sun is only one of some 100 billion stars in this galaxy alone. Sir Francis Crick, the Nobel laureate, says there are an estimated 100 billion galaxies in our universe and he believes there are at least one million planets in our galaxy that could support life as we know it. Think of what the figure might be for the entire universe, even before we start looking at other dimensions of existence beyond the frequency range of our physical senses. If you traveled at the speed of light, 186,000 miles per second, it would take you 4.3 years to reach the nearest star to this solar system. It says much for humanity’s level of indoctrination that to speak of extraterrestrial life is to appear cranky, yet to dismiss it and suggest that life has only emerged on this one tiny planet is considered credible!”

An Advanced Race

David Icke says, ‘You only have to consider the amazing structures that abounded in the ancient world to see that an advanced race existed then. We are told that only people primitive in comparison to modern humans lived in these times, but that is patently ludicrous. Like most official ‘thinking’ the historical and archaeological establishment makes up its own stories, calls them proven facts, and simply ignores the overwhelming evidence that they are wrong. The idea is not to educate, but to indoctrinate. Anyone who doesn’t conform to the official line of history is isolated by their fellow historians and archaeologists who either know their jobs, reputations and funding are safer when they stick to the official version, or, frankly, they cannot see beyond the end of their noses. The same can be said of most people in the teaching and ‘intellectual’ professions.

All over the planet are fantastic structures built thousands of years ago which could only have been created with technology as good as, often even better than, we have today. At Baalbek, north east of Beirut in the Lebanon, three massive chunks of stone, each weighing 800 tons, were moved at least a third of a mile and positioned high up in a wall. This was done thousands of years BC! Another block nearby weighs 1,000 tons – the weight of three jumbo jets. How was this possible? Official history does not wish to address such questions because of where it might lead. Can you imagine ringing a builder today and asking him to do that? “You want me to do WHAT?” he would say, “You’re crazy.”

In Peru are the mysterious Nazca Lines. The ancients scored away the top surface of the land to reveal the white subsurface and through this method were created incredible depictions of animals, fish, insects and birds. Some of them are so large they can only be seen in their entirety from 1,000 feet in the air!

The knowledge which allowed wonders like Nazca, Baalbek, the Great Pyramid at Giza and other amazing creations to be built with such precision and scale, came from an advanced race who, in ancient times, lived among a far more primitive general population. This race is described as ‘the gods’ in the Old Testament texts and other works and in oral traditions of antiquity. I can hear followers of the Bible denying that their book speaks of ‘the gods’. But it does. When the word ‘God ’ is used in the Old Testament it is often translated from a word that means gods, plural-Elohim and Adonai are two examples. You can easily understand that a race performing technological feats of such magnitude should be seen as ‘gods’ by a people unable to comprehend such abilities.

In the 1930s, American and Australian servicemen landed their planes in remote parts of New Guinea to drop supplies for their troops. The locals, who had never seen a plane, believed the servicemen were gods and they became a focus of religious beliefs. This would have been even more extreme in the ancient world had their advanced race been beings from other planets, stars or dimensions, flying craft more advanced than anything flown (at least officially!) by today’s military.

An influx of knowledge from outside this planet or another source would explain so many of the ‘mysteries’ that official history greets with a deafening silence. The incredible feats of building also become explainable and so does the mystery of why early civilizations like Egypt and Sumer (the land of Shinar in the Bible) began at the peak of their development and then fell into decay, when the normal course of evolution is to start at a lower level and slowly advance through learning and experience. There was clearly an infusion of highly advanced knowledge that was later lost to most people.

In every culture throughout the world are ancient stories and texts which describe the ‘gods’ who brought this advanced knowledge. This would again explain the mystery of how the ancients had a phenomenal understanding of astronomy. There are endless legends all over the world of a time they call the Golden Age, which was destroyed by cataclysm and the ‘fall of Man’. The ancient Greek poet, Hesiod, described the world before the ‘fall’: “Man lived like Gods, without vices or passions, vexation or toil. In happy companionship with divine beings (extraterrestrials?), they passed their days in tranquility and joy, living together in perfect equality, united by mutual confidence and love. The Earth was more beautiful than now, and spontaneously yielded an abundant variety of fruits. Human beings and animals spoke the same language and conversed with each other (telepathy). Men were considered mere boys at a hundred years old. They had none of the infirmities of age to trouble them and when they passed to regions of superior life, it was in a gentle slumber.

Utopian as that may sound, there are countless stories from every ancient culture which describe the world in the distant past in those terms. We can recreate that vision again if only we change the way we think and feel.

as he excavated the site of Nineveh, the capital of Assyria. This was located near the present Iraqi town of Mosul. Other finds have followed in this region which was once called Mesopotamia. The original source of this knowledge was not the Assyrians, but the Sumerians who lived in the same area from, it is estimated, 4,000 to 2,000 BC. I will refer to the clay tablets, therefore, as the Sumerian Texts or Tablets. They are one of the greatest historical finds imaginable and yet 150 years after they were discovered they are still ignored by conventional history and education. Why? Because they demolish the official version of events. The most famous translator of these tablets is the scholar and author Zecharia Sitchin, who can read Sumerian, Aramaic, Hebrew and other Middle and Near Eastern languages.[ef_note]The information about the Annunaki and the Sumerian tablets comes from the Zechariah Sitchin series of books collectively known as the Earth Chronicles. Individually they are called The 12th Planet, The Stairway to Heaven, The Wars of Gods and Men, The Lost Realms, and When Time Began. Another Sitchin work is Genesis Revisited. They are published by Avon books, 1350 Avenue of the Americas, New York.[/efn_note]He has extensively researched and translated the Sumerian Tablets and has no doubt that they are describing extraterrestrials. Some researchers say that he used a later version of the Sumerian language to translate an earlier one and, therefore, some of his translations may not be 100% accurate. I think his themes are correct, indeed other accounts and evidence supports this, but I personally doubt some of the detail. I think that a number of Sitchin’s interpretations are extremely questionable, while I agree with the overall thesis.

The Founding of Civilization By The Annunaki

According to his translations (and others) the Texts say that the Sumerian civilization, from which many features of modern society derive, was a “gift from the gods”. Not mythical gods, but physical ones who lived among them.”[efn_note]David Icke, The Biggest Secret, Bridge of Love Publications, 1998.[/efn_note]

R.A. Boulay says, “The literature and mythology of ancient cultures is filled with accounts of dragons, flying serpents, and other winged lizards. Who, then, were these flying, fire-breathing creatures that seem to have coexisted with early Man, sometimes as his benefactor but many more times as his tormentor?

Perhaps they were just fabulous creatures, the product of Man’s fertile imagination. On the other hand, it is possible they were the manifestation of something else – of traumatic events so disturbing and deeply rooted in his past, that knowledge of their true nature has been subconsciously suppressed and remembered only in allegorical terms.

Quite a few civilizations of this world trace their ancestry to such dragon-like lizards or flying serpents. In most cases, they are credited with bringing the benefits of civilization to Mankind. And quite often they are described as his actual creator.

Ancient man portrayed these creatures as superior beings or gods, who could effortlessly move about the skies in their “fiery chariots” or “boats of heaven.” They usually lived in a “heavenly abode” and often descended to interfere in the affairs of Man.

The earliest and the most important of cultures, that of Mesopotamia, was probably founded by these serpent-like gods. The colonization of this planet by these creatures is described in one of the most dramatic and significant of ancient documents. It is the so-called Sumerian King-List.

The Annunaki

The Tablets call these gods the AN.UNNAK.KI (Those who from Heaven to Earth came), and DIN.GIR (The Righteous Ones of the Blazing Rockets). The name of Sumer itself was KI.EN.GIR (The Land of the Lord of the Blazing Rockets and also Land of the Watchers, according to Sitchin). The ancient text known as the Book of Enoch also calls the gods ‘the Watchers’, as did the Egyptians. The Egyptian name for their gods, the Neteru, literally translates as Watchers and they said that their gods came in heavenly boats.

According to Zecharia Sitchin, the tablets describe how the Anunnaki came from a planet called Nibiru (The Planet of the Crossing) which he believes has a 3,600 year elliptical orbit that takes it between Jupiter and Mars and then out into far space beyond Pluto. Modern science has identified a body it calls Planet X which has been located beyond Pluto and is believed to be part of this solar system. But an elliptical orbit would be incredibly unstable and difficult to sustain. Scientists I trust believe that Sitchin is mistaken in his Nibiru theory, though his main themes about the Anunnaki are correct. The Sumerian Tablets, from Sitchin’s translations, describe how, during the early formation of the solar system, Nibiru caused the near destruction of a planet that once existed between Jupiter and Mars. The Sumerians called it Tiamat, a planet they nicknamed The Watery Monster. They say that it was debris from Tiamat’s collision with a Nibiru moon which created the Great Band Bracelet – the asteroid belt which is found between Mars and Jupiter. What remained of Tiamat was thrown into another orbit, the texts say, and eventually it became the Earth (see Figure 2). The Sumerian name for the Earth means the Cleaved One because a vast hole was created, they say, by the collision. Interestingly if you take away the water in the Pacific Ocean you will be left with a gigantic hole.

The Tablets are the written accounts of oral traditions that go back enormous amounts of time and you have to be careful that details have not been added or lost and that we don’t take symbolism or parable as literal truth. I am sure that some confusion did occur in this way. I have doubts myself about the Nibiru-Tiamat scenario and its alleged timescale. But there is much truth in the Texts which can be proven, not least in their knowledge of astronomy. The Tablets depict the solar system with the planets in their correct positions, orbits and relative sizes, and their accuracy has only been confirmed in the last 150 years since some of these planets have been found. The Tablets describe the nature and colour of Neptune and Uranus in ways that have only been confirmed in the last few years! What’s more, the modem ‘experts’ did not expect those planets to look as they did, yet the Sumerians knew thousands of years BC what our ‘advanced’ science has only just discovered.

The Annunaki are reptilian

HRH (His Royal Highness) Nicholas de Vere von Drakenberg says “Here we remember again the proto-sumerian Ubaid Pictish culture which migrated in about 5000 BC from Scythian Carpathia, a land which had a Dragon culture also as early as 5000 BC. Monumental stone carvings of winged serpents from this date have been found in Transylvania, along with a “proto”-sumerian script dating back as far as 8000 BC.”

Reptilians in the Art of Sumer

The origin of civilization was Sumer in Mesopotamia between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers in Iraq. In 1919 H. R. Hall came upon ancient ruins at a village now called El-Ubaid. The site gave its name to what scholars now consider the first phase of the great Sumerian civilization.[efn_note]Zechariah Sitchin, The Twelfth Planet[/efn_note] The image below is a reptilian woman holding her baby like the Madonna of christian iconography, the virgin Mary holding the baby Jesus. It was found at El-Ubaid.

“Female figurine “with the head of a Gina’abul” (lizard) in greenish clay, Obeid period (5th millenium B.C.). This sculpture represents an Amašutum. We find the crystals or ME on the shoulders of the figurine which we have already discussed in previous volumes. The female carries a child in her arms, clearly demonstrating that the Gina’abul gave birth on Earth.” Anton Parks, Adam Genesis
The Madonna and Child. The virgin Mary with baby Jesus.
Isis and baby Horus
Devaki and baby Krishna

These religions came from the reptile “gods”.

They aren’t actually “gods”. They were deified by man.

The southern part of Mesopotamia offers terracotta figurines, called “ophidian” with reptilian physiognomies. They are found everywhere in the South, but particularly in the cemeteries of Eridu and Ur. These figurines represent the local deities. Here are several examples below.

Ur figurines from the obeid period. ME 122872 & ME 122873, British Museum.
Elongated heads taken from reptilian figurines found at Tell Al Ubaid (Obeid) ME 116894 & ME 121002, British Museum.

Examples of reptilian figurines from the Obeid period found at Tell el Oueili (Obeid Level 0), Louvre Museum. The reader will notice, once again, the elongated heads evoked before.

1. I.O.76.13, surface
3. Figurine I.O.76.42
Figurine I.O.76.12, surface

The Proto-Sumerians Were Ancient Astronauts

The following is from R.A. Boulay’s Flying Serpents and Dragons written in 1990.

Dated to the Third Millennium BC, this document provides the succession of the Kings of Sumer and their successors, the length of their reigns since, what was to the Sumerians, the beginning of time when their ancestors came here and “descended” to Earth to establish a number of cities on the alluvial plain of Mesopotamia. Calling themselves Anunnaki, these Proto-Sumerians are credited with the establishment of Western, if not World, civilization.

Surprisingly enough, there is considerable data on these early civilizations – the Sumerian, later to be replaced by the Akkadian and the Babylonian cultures. From the numerous cuneiform tablets, monuments, and artifacts that have been unearthed in recent times, it is possible to reconstruct the events which transpired in the early days of Mankind.

There is also a mass of evidence, which was originally derived from the same source, but was given a religious interpretation by being transmitted through priestly channels. It was from this vast reservoir of ancient sources that the stories of the Old Testament were derived.

From a combination of these ancient secular and religious sources, it is thus possible to piece together the story of our ancestry which lies in the coming of the alien serpent-gods or astronauts who colonized Earth many eons ago.

It will be found that our ancestors started a colony on Earth in order to obtain metals for their homeplanet. In order to process and transport these metals by air freighter to the orbiting mother ship, they built five operational cities in Mesopotamia. One of these served as a space launch platform.


R.A. Boulay says , “The Sumerian people referred to these “gods” as Anunnaki, literally the sons of An, their chief god and leader. The Anunnaki were an alien race. In reality they were a race of sapient reptiles. They required a cheap labor force and for this reason they created a primitive man.

This Adam was half-human and half-reptile, however, and being a clone could not reproduce himself.By combining the characteristics of the native ape-man or Neanderthal type man, with their own saurian nature, they produced the “Adam” of the Old Testament. This Adam was half-human and half-reptile, however, and being a clone could not reproduce himself.

As conditions began to change on Earth and the climate dried out, it became necessary for them to modify the Adam to better adapt it to the variable climate. The Homo saurus was modified and given more mammalian traits. This was the BiblicalFall of Man” where Adam achieved “knowing” or the ability to reproduce sexually.

As a result of this genetic modification, Man lost most of his saurian appearance and nature, his shiny, luminous skin, and scaly hide. He acquired mammalian characteristics – a soft flexible skin, body hair, the need to sweat, and the ability to produce live young. He no longer ran around naked. He now had to wear clothing for comfort and protection. For all purposes, Man was now a Homo sapiens. Modern man or Cro-Magnon Man had arrived upon the scene.”[efn_note]R.A. Boulay, Flying Serpents and Dragons[/efn_note]

David Icke says in his The Biggest Secret, “Most stunning about the Sumerian Tablets is the way they describe the creation of homo sapiens. Sitchin says the Anunnaki came to Earth an estimated 450,000 years ago to mine gold in what is now Africa. The main mining centre was in today’s Zimbabwe, an area the Sumerians called AB.ZU (deep deposit), he claims. Studies by the Anglo-American Corporation have found extensive evidence of gold mining in Africa at least 60,000 years ago, probably 100,000.3 The gold mined by the Anunnaki was shipped back to their home planet from bases in the Middle East, Sitchin claims the Tablets say. I think there is much more to know about this ‘gold mining’ business, and I don’t believe that was the main reason they came here, if indeed it was a reason at all. At first the gold mining was done by the Anunnaki version of their working classes, Sitchin says, but eventually there was a rebellion by the miners and the Anunnaki royal elite decided to create a new slave race to do the work. The Tablets describe how the genes of the Anunnaki and those of the native humans were combined in a test tube to create the ‘updated’ human capable of doing the tasks the Anunnaki required. The idea of test tube babies would have sounded ridiculous when the tablets were found in 1850, but that is precisely what scientists are now able to do. Again and again modern research supports the themes of the Sumerian Tablets. For instance, there was a sudden and so far unexplained upgrade of the human physical form around 200,000 years ago. Official science is silent on the cause of this and mutters terms like ‘the missing link’. but some unavoidable facts need to be addressed. Suddenly the previous physical form known as homo erectus became what we now call homo sapiens. From the start the new homo sapiens had the ability to speak a complex language and the size of the human brain increased massively. Yet the biologist Thomas Huxley said that major changes like this can take tens of millions of years.This view is supported by the evidence of homo erectus which appears to have emerged in Africa about 1.5 million years ago. For well in excess of a million years their physical form seems to have remained the same, but then, out of nowhere, came the dramatic change to homo sapiens. About 35,000 years ago came another sudden upgrade and the emergence of homo sapiens sapiens, the physical form we see today. The Sumerian Tablets name the two people involved in the creation of the slave race. They were the chief scientist called Enki, Lord of the Earth (Ki=Earth) and Ninkharsag, also known as Ninti (Lady Life) because of her expertise in medicine. She was later referred to as Mamrni, from which comes mama and mother. Ninkharsag is symbolised in Mesopotamian depictions by a tool used to cut the umbilical cord. It is shaped like a horseshoe and was used in ancient times. She also became the mother goddess of a stream of religions under names like Queen Semiramis, Isis, Barati, Diana, Mary and many others, which emerged from the legends of this all over the world. She is often depicted as a pregnant woman. The texts say of the Anunnaki leadership:

They summoned and asked the goddess,
the midwife of the gods, the wise birthgiver (saying),
“To a creature give life, create workers!
Create a primitive worker, that he may bear the yoke!
Let him bear the yoke assigned by Enlil,
Let the worker carry the toil of the gods !” 4

Enlil was commander of the Anunnaki and Enki was his half-brother. Enki and Ninkharsag had many failures as they sought the right genetic mix, the Tablets tell us. There are accounts of how they created people with major defects and also human- animal hybrids. Horrible stuff, and exactly what is claimed to be happening today in the extraterrestrial-human underground bases around the world. The story of Frankenstein, the man created in a laboratory, could be symbolic of these events. It was written by Mary Shelley, the wife of the famous poet. He and she were high initiates of the secret society network which has hoarded and suppressed this knowledge since ancient times. The Tablets say that Enki and Ninkharsag eventually found the right mix which became the first homo sapiens, a being the Sumerians called a LU.LU (One who has been mixed). This is the biblical ‘Adam’. LU.LU was a genetic hybrid, the fusing of homo erectus with the genes of the ‘gods’ to create a slave, a human worker bee, some 200,000-300,000 years ago. A female version was also created. The Sumerian name for human was LU, the root meaning of which is worker or servant, and it was also used to imply domesticated animals. This is what the human race has been ever since. The Anunnaki have been overtly and now covertly ruling the planet for thousands of years. The mistranslation of the Bible and symbolic language taken literally has devastated the original meaning and given us a fantasy story. Genesis and Exodus were written by the Hebrew priestly class, the Levites, after they were taken to Babylon from around 586 BC. Babylon was in the former lands of Sumer and so the Babylonians, and therefore the Levites, knew the Sumerian stories and accounts. It was from these records overwhelmingly, that the Levites compiled Genesis and Exodus. The source is obvious. The Sumerian tablets speak of E.DIN (The Abode of the Righteous Ones). This connects with the Sumerian name for their gods, DIN.GIR (the Righteous Ones of the Rockets). So the Sumerians spoke of Edin and Genesis speaks of the Garden of Eden. This was a centre for the gods, the Anunnaki. The Sumerian Tablets speak of King Sargon the Elder being found as a baby floating in a basket on the river and brought up by a royal family. Exodus speaks of Moses being found as a baby floating in a basket on the river by a royal princess and how he was brought up by the Egyptian royal family. The list of such ‘coincidences’ goes on and on.

The Old Testament is a classic example of the religious recycling which has spawned all the religions. So when you are looking for the original meaning of Genesis and the story of Adam you have to go back to the Sumerian accounts to see how the story has been doctored. Genesis says that ‘God’ (the gods) created the first man, Adam, out of ‘dust from the ground’ and then used a rib of Adam to create Eve, the first woman. Zecharia Sitchin points out that the translation of ‘dust from the ground’ comes from the Hebrew word tit (sorry mother) and this itself is derived from the Sumerian term, TI.IT, which means ‘that which is with life’. Adam was not created from dust from the ground, but from that which is with life – living cells. The Sumerian term, TI, means both rib and life and again the translators made the wrong choice. Eve (She Who Has Life) was not created from a rib, but from that which has life – living cells. The human egg for the creation of the Lulu/Adam came from a female in Abzu, Africa, according to the Sumerians, and modern fossil finds and anthropological research suggests that homo sapiens did indeed come out of Africa. In the 1980s, Douglas Wallace of Emory University in Georgia compared the DNA (the blueprint for physical life) of 800 women and concluded that it came from a single female ancestor. 5 Wesley Brown of the University of Michigan said, after examining the DNA of 21 women of different genetic backgrounds from around the world, that they all originated from a single source who had lived in Africa between 180,000 and 300,000 years ago. 6 Rebecca Cann of the University of California at Berkeley did the same with 147 women of diverse racial and geographical backgrounds and she said their common genetic inheritance came from a single ancestor between 150,000 and 300,000 years ago. 7 Another study of 150 American women from genetic lines going back to Europe, Africa and the Middle East, together with Aborigines from Australia and New Guinea, concluded that they had the same female ancestor who lived in Africa between 140,000 and 290,000 years ago. 8 Personally I think the human race was seeded by many sources; not just the Annunaki.”[efn_note]David Icke, The Biggest Secret, PP. 6-7[/efn_note]

David Icke says, “The Tablets describe how humans were given the ability to procreate by Enki and this led to an explosion in the human population which threatened to swamp the Anunnaki, who were never great in number.”[efn_note]Ibidem P. 8[/efn_note]

The Annunaki were described as having serpentine faces.

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