Return of the Serpents of Wisdom

The Return of the Serpents of wisdom by Mark Amuru Pinkham is an excellent book of esoteric wisdom. This book covers esotericism worldwide in all cultures. The esoteric is knowledge for the initiated few which is what this blog is about. This book shows how the existence and importance of the kundalini and chakras can be found in the doctrines and symbolism of cultures worldwide. The Serpents of Wisdom are initiates and masters of all epochs. The Serpent of Wisdom is a title of Satan, but Satan is not the evil being that most think. Satan is a metaphor for the extraterrestrials which this book details in length. This is why it is esoteric and only the initiated few will understand. I Highly recommend this book for the astute and discriminating reader interested in esoteric topics of great import and meaning.

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